The Origin Story

Born amidst the rugged landscapes of Tajikistan, a Norwegian family-owned global venture quietly thrives. Our offering: Farnico Cotton, a product of organic excellence nurtured by honest, hardworking smallholder farmers.

Since his very first visit to Tajikistan in 2014, Sergej couldn’t ignore the stark contrast between impoverished farmers and the distressing use of pollution and harsh chemicals in a pristine landscape. Setting out with a clear vision to revolutionise agriculture while supplying global customers with 100% traceable organic and regenerative products, his work began. In 2020, Farnico’s head office opened up in London, and soon after its operating daughter company was founded in Tajikistan.

Today, something that started in the heart of Tajikistan now spans the globe, with Farnico products being cherished by both traders and customers worldwide.


We expect truth, reliability, and accountability from our employees, farmers, and partners. Within our extended family, everyone can rely on each other to act with integrity and responsibility.


We believe in upholding strong moral character and consistently acting with honesty and ethics. Keeping promises, standing against corruption, and reflecting these principles in our actions are ways we demonstrate integrity.


Respect is non-negotiable, and we treat each other equally as humans. This means valuing empathy and understanding regardless of personal beliefs, appearance, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, or upbringing.


To Revolutionise Global Food and Fashion for the Benefit of Nature and Humanity.

Since day one we have strived to create meaningful change for our Farnico farmers in Tajikistan, cultivating sustainable, organic cotton through mutually beneficial cooperation to improve their quality of life and protect the health of future generations and the environment.

Our team

Today, we know that we are in a climate crisis. Already, the way our children experience the World’s weather, food, the animal kingdom will be vastly poorer than we, our parents and especially grandparents, experienced.

This is largely down to the existing false industrial-era notion that the Earth consists of a pool of unlimited resources for humankind to exploit . Much of what we consume each day originates from the land, the source of all food and fashion items. However, the soil’s long-term exposure to the chemicals, top-soil disturbance and poison has detrimental effects on its biodiversity and fertility. Farmers, the traditional guardians of nature and soil, are also suffering under the chokehold of chemical-based farming Instead of being farmers, caring for the Earth and growing to the specific circumstances of their land, they have become like chemists in a pharmacy, buying and dispensing an ever-growing dosage of artificial minerals while at the same time being forced out of business due to rising prices and falling yields. So, conventional farming, apart from having a devastating effect on nature, fuels inequality and poverty in developing countries. While the consumer is unaware, underserved farmers grow our fruits, vegetables, grains, and natural fibres for our fast-fashion tastes. Unable to afford expensive nutrients or pesticides, not knowing an alternative, the once respected and independent farmers are facing diminishing returns and are forced to leave their lands or starve. YOU have the power to end this social and environmental downward spiral.

Sergej Nicolaisen

CEO & Co-Founder

Farmer stories

Proper and timely distribution of water resources in the agricultural sector remains one of the urgent tasks of the water

Taking care of nature, people began to grow organic cotton – what is it? It is a fiber made without

Farnico Tajikistan is an organization that started its activities in 2020 with the aim of developing organic farming. The only

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Empower farmers in Tajikistan with ethically sourced cotton fibre.


Farnico is GOTS (License no. CU113701) and EU Organic (Reg. no. CU881969) certified by Control Union since 2021. We supply GOTS organic, as well as in-conversion, cotton to customers around the globe. All of our cotton is responsibly sourced through our work directly with farmer communities, as well as from our own lands. We aim to build long-term relationships with professional buyers. Contact us for more information!


FileName of the companyCertificateActivity
Certificate-NoCU881969EU-01.2023Farnico Tajikistan LLCEU OrganicFarming
Farnico-Regeneragri-Certificate-2022Farnico Tajikistan LLCRegeneragriFarming
FI-regenagriCS-CU891544-2023-01-FarnicoFarnico International LtdRegeneragriTrading
OTS_FI_Scope_Certificate_2023-06-22-123219-UTCFarnico International LtdGOTSTrading
GOTS_Scope_Certificate_2023-01-26 122358 UTCFarnico Tajikistan LLCGOTSTrading
CU881969NOP-01.2022Farnico Tajikistan LLCNOP (USDA Organic)Farming

HVI Quality Reports

FileName of the company
263-011Farnico Tajikistan LLC
297-006Farnico Tajikistan LLC
263-013Farnico Tajikistan LLC
263-012Farnico Tajikistan LLC

“Certified organic products cater for higher-income options for farmers, and therefore, can serve as promoters for climate-friendly farming practices worldwide.”

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)


License no. CU1175576GOTS-2023-00047362

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) guarantees our commitment to sustainable practices, from organic fibre sourcing to ethical manufacturing. Farnico is proud to gin and trade eco-friendly and socially responsible cotton fibre. 


License no. CU881969NOP-01.2022

The National Organic Program (NOP) ensures that our items sold in the United States adhere to rigorous standards, from soil health to processing methods, guaranteeing the use of organic and non-GMO ingredients. 


License no. CU-881969-F

Regenagri sets the standard for sustainable farming practices, emphasizing soil health, biodiversity, and carbon capture found in regenerative agriculture. Farnico follows a holistic approach to agriculture with our farmers that benefits the environment and communities.


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