Farnico Launches in Tajikistan!

At Farnico we are extremely passionate about growing the highest quality, organic cotton fibre for the benefit of our Customers, Farmers, and Mother Earth.

Sergej, Founder

These are very exciting times to be with Farnico. We have spent the last 12 months preparing for a market launch in a new market in the fruitful and sunny region of Central Asia – the Republic of Tajikistan!

Sergej & the Tajik team among fields of organic cotton.

Why Tajikistan?

While being based in the UK, one of Farnico’s founding principles is to never be afraid of adventures. Most people have never heard about Tajikistan, let alone its rich soils, weather and heartwarming hospitality! Tajikistan has amazing weather conditions for perfect cotton growth, as well as an underserved farming sector in dire need of joining the Farnico-Farmer family.

Our Farmers

Farnico will partner with 17 farmer-households chosen from a list of over 150 candidates – we choose only the best for our Customers – covering an area of over 800 hectares in our first year.

Organic cotton field in Tajikistan

Thanks to Farnico, households not making it to the list this year are supported by Farnico’s “On-Boarding Programme” which helps them develop key capabilities which will help the farmers to reach the level of a Farnico-Farmer through agronomist support and guidance.

The Gin

Farnico is developing its very own processing facilities to process all the raw cotton in-house in order to make sure that our Customers only receive the most excellent of fibre, oil and meal. Our facility is linked up with national and international railway links so as to speed up delivery within months of ordering from most parts of the world.

The Product

Farnico is offering our pioneering Customers fully traceable (down to the household!), high-quality, organic cotton fibre. In addition to fibre, we are also able to offer our customers cottonseed oil and meal.

Please get in touch with our friendly sales team for details!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and stay tuned for further updates!

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